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Vimsy is dreamed, designed, and managed by Southpoint Films, a team of professional video producers who create high quality video content for corporate clients.

When we first started making videos there were very few online distribution options that met the needs of small-to-medium enterprises. With our customers creating more and more videos, we realised that there needed to be a better way to manage an online library of video content.

In 2015 we decided to look beyond simply making videos for our clients and invested in building a platform that could help our customers take their content to the next level.

In 2016 we launched Vimsy to the public and have been building the product ever since, in addition to creating even more, even better videos for a growing number of clients.

We now have over 1200 video content creators using Vimsy to power up their businesses. Ready to join them?

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Vimsy is a product of Southpoint Films, a video production company based in Southampton, UK. You can learn more about the team behind Vimsy on the Southpoint Films website

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If you want help or advice about using Vimsy, or want to know more about our company and available opportunities here, please get in touch

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