About us

Made in Hampshire, UK

Vimsy was founded by Rowan Johnson, who also runs Southpoint Films, a corporate video production company in Southampton, UK. After several years of producing event and training films in bulk for clients, it became clear that there was no clear path for distributing these videos online.


Vimsy CEO & Founder, Rowan Johnson

At best the videos would end up on an intranet for staff to watch, and at worst they'd end up on a DVD... in 2015, no less. This meant that anybody using a smartphone, tablet or a modern laptop computer couldn't watch the videos. In between these two extremes was "video purgatory", where the videos were uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube and never seen again as they became lost in the sea of other content being uploaded every day.

After speaking to existing clients who weren't really getting what they wanted from their videos, Rowan and his colleague Paul French took the plunge and invested in building Vimsy to solve this problem, not just for their own customers but for the wider market beyond their relatively small pool of local clients.


Rowan Johnson and Paul French while on location with their production company, Southpoint Films

After eighteen months of development, Vimsy opened up to the public and is now actively serving videos to thousands of users on a daily basis, some of whom work for the biggest organisations in the world, helping them use video to improve their communications, education and training.