Case Study: "The PM Channel" by Provek

See how project management training provider Provek have used Vimsy to offer a unique video-based learning and development solution to major corporates such as BAE Systems and Nationwide Building Society profile

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Updated 2019-02-15

Case Study: "The PM Channel" by Provek

About Provek and The PM Channel

Based in Thatcham UK, Provek is a national provider of project management training to clients in the corporate sector. Their extensive client list includes BAE Systems, Nationwide Building Society, Royal Mail, and National Rail to name a few. These organisations have large groups of in-house project managers who need high quality training across different sites and locations, which Provek delivers.

Inspired by the emergence of online television streaming services at the time, in 2011 Provek launched The PM Channel as a way for project managers to learn new skills, develop within the workplace and prepare for new project management qualifications (which Provek facilitates). It is now home to over 1500 videos and has thousands of members signed up who regularly watch the content, which is produced by Provek.

The platform that The PM Channel initially ran on was built by a provider who locked them into a rigid, proprietary system. This lock-in came with expensive updates and slowly the underlying content management system became unstable and unable to support modern features, such as a responsive content layout, without essential yet costly upgrades. In time this meant that users on mobile devices couldn't watch the videos properly, videos couldn't be uploaded directly to the system, and viewers had no way of searching for content that was relevant to their interests. This became less and less workable.

In 2016 The PM Channel made the move to Vimsy and haven't looked back since.

Find out why Provek moved to Vimsy and why they continue to build their business on the Vimsy platform

The PM Channel on Vimsy

Since moving to Vimsy, Provek has been able to take advantage of a number of new features and workflow improvements that have helped The PM Channel thrive. For them, one of the biggest benefits of Vimsy is that the content can be organised and grouped in ways that weren't possible before. For example, Provek can create individual collections for their corporate customers which contain only the materials that are relevant to that specific customer. These collections can contain a mixture of freely available content, paid-for content and content that has been created specifically for that customer.

Additionally, The PM Channel has benefitted from Vimsy's video hosting flexibility. Instead of being forced to upload all of their videos directly to Vimsy, they've been able to bring in videos that they've hosted on YouTube and Vimeo. A large amount of their development content is created through exclusive partnerships with third parties, such as industry conferences and events, and being able to host videos with a third party hosting provider gives Provek the flexibility to share videos externally with everyone who needs access, while still retaining full control and ownership of the content.

It also helps that, in their words, Vimsy is very responsive and that if there are any issues they're quickly rectified. (Which is good, because we certainly try our best!)

Case Study: "The PM Channel" by Provek

Behind the scenes at Provek's office in Thatcham where their team record new videos for The PM Channel

For Provek, The PM Channel has become a major differentiator within their market, giving them a unique edge over their competition. Having a professional video channel where they can give their corporate customers the content that they want has given them the flexibility they need to win more business and help more project managers achieve success.

You can see The PM Channel in action here:

Creating your own Channel

Inspired by this case study? If you'd like to discuss how a similar approach can work for your business please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you already know what you want to do, and you want to jump straight in, create a Vimsy Channel for free to get started on your own journey towards success.

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