Vimsy Closure - What happens now?

What the next few months means for Vimsy users before the service closes profile

Written by Rowan

Updated 2019-11-27

Vimsy Closure - What happens now?

Before reading this post, you should read our closure announcement here:

Service Availability

As of today, Vimsy has “End Of Life” status. This means that we will no longer be actively developing the product. We’ll be doing our best to keep the service running as-is until the close down date (1st April 2020), but things may break during this period and we might not be able to fix them. We strongly recommend that all customers migrate from Vimsy as soon as possible.

Actions that you need to take

As soon as Vimsy closes down (on the 1st April 2020), your channel will no longer be available. If you would like your channel to be closed sooner, such as to prevent confusion once you’ve moved to another service, you can email and we can disable or delete your channel at any time.

Review your data

You may want to review and remove any data from your Channel if you do not wish for it to be part of our permanent archive. You can do this by using Vimsy’s “delete” functions. (See the Data Retention and Usage section for more information.)

Copy your data

You can use Vimsy’s “Export CSV” functions to obtain copies of of your:

This will not be available after Vimsy’s closure.

Cancel Your Vimsy Subscription

For paying customers, all subscriptions to Vimsy will remain active during the close down period unless you cancel your plan(s) from your channel settings or email to cancel your service. Otherwise, we will cancel all active subscriptions in March, ahead of the closure.

If you have paid annually for your Vimsy Extra or Vimsy Premium subscription you may be eligible for a partial refund. Please contact for more information.

Manage your customers’ subscriptions

This only applies to subscriptions that members have made themselves by purchasing content with their debit or credit card, not manual subscriptions.

If your customers have active subscriptions to your channel you will need to ensure that these are managed before Vimsy’s closure to prevent further charges being made after Vimsy’s closure. This must be completed before the 1st April 2020.

In most cases, this will mean ensuring that your members’ subscriptions have been cancelled before Vimsy closes.

To cancel a member’s subscription:

As Vimsy’s subscriptions are powered by Stripe, you can also manage your customer subscriptions through

From your Stripe dashboard:

Please be aware that you may not need to cancel your customers’ subscriptions if you plan to migrate to another service that integrates with Stripe. You may be able continue the subscriptions on another service. (Because of this, we will not be cancelling any customer subscriptions ourselves.)

If you plan to keep your Vimsy Channel active until the 1st April 2020, but no longer wish for new subscribers to sign up, you can disable your subscription plans to continue service but prevent further sign ups.

Managing this aspect of closing your channel can be quite complex. If you need any help, support or advice please contact

Important Note About Data Retention And Usage

On the date that Vimsy is closed we will make a backup of the Vimsy database which will be archived for posterity. This will include all information stored on Vimsy, including Channel details, collections and sub collections details, video entries, insights, actions and member lists (including Member Groups) for all channels that are active on Vimsy.

We will not keep a copy of any media uploaded to Vimsy (including videos, video thumbnails, Channel logos, collection/sub-collection images, or resources), so please ensure that you have a copy of all media before the Vimsy closure.

We also will not (and currently do not) store copies of any videos (including video thumbnails) hosted on third party services. They will not be archived.

If there is any information on Vimsy that you would like removed before we archive the database then please either remove it yourself or contact so that it can be removed. The information will not be used but in the unlikely instance we choose to resume Vimsy again in the future, we need a copy of our database in order to do so, hence the need to archive it.

User data stored in third party services, such as our mailing list, will also be archived and, going forward, will only be used for issuing communications about the Vimsy service. You can unsubscribe from any email we send, or you can contact to have your details removed.

What are my options for moving from Vimsy?

Earlier this year Wistia launched their own Channels feature that shares similarities with Vimsy, and includes a bunch of features that you’ll have not had access to before, like being able to embed your Channel (as well as individual videos) on your website. You can find all of the details here:

Wistia has been a key partner of ours for several years; We built our video hosting service on their platform, and we’ve long offered integration with their service through Vimsy. We think they’re a great company with a great product, and they’re an established brand in the video hosting market.

After speaking to Wistia about our plans to close Vimsy, they’re generously offering all existing Vimsy customers a 15% discount for their first year of service with them. This offer is available until 1st January 2020.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please email our support team ( so that we can put you in touch with Wistia’s team, who can then help you with the migration to their service.

Deep down we know that no other service matches Vimsy on a like-for-like basis, but Wistia have a very flexible, robust platform, and they offer enough features across their product range that replicating the core features of Vimsy is very much possible – even if it may require a bit of help from a third party web developer. We think it’ll be great fit for many of our customers going forward.

Thanks for being part of Vimsy and we hope to see you again in the future.

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