What is a video strategy?

Online video is about more than just creating a promotional video and calling it day

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Updated 2018-01-10

What is a video strategy?

A quick summary of what a video strategy is

Digital video is about far more than creating a corporate promotional film and calling it day. In today's digital climate you need to be thinking about how you use video across your website, on social media, as part of your sales process, and for both customer support and internal staff training. Effective use of video requires a deeper look at how entire organisation functions, which is why - now more than ever - you need a video strategy.

To create a video strategy, think about the different aspects of your business organisation could use video. For example, instead of sending long proposals, why not send a short video clip that introduces your team to your prospect to give them a clearer picture of your company's culture and ethos?

Or, why not create support videos to help your customers learn and understand your product, rather than simply writing up long articles? A friendly face, complete with positive tone of voice, can turn those confused and perhaps angry customers into ambassadors for your brand.

Video strategy is also about where you put your videos. Should you put your internal staff training videos on YouTube, or would they be better off on a platform like Vimsy? Equally, using YouTube's "Suggested videos" features could prove to be useful for your promotional films, so why host them privately on Vimeo?

Video strategy is about getting more value from your videos without necessarily spending more on creating them. By defining goals and actively working towards them, and then measuring your success with data, you'll find that your return on investment will be far higher when it comes to video.

You can hear some examples of how video can be used more strategically in our summaries of Wistiafest and Video First Conference in 2017. Alternatively, to get some ideas of how you can use video more effectively across your organisation, take a look at some of the different ways that you can use Vimsy.

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