Vimsy Champion Programme

Get discounts, additional support and peace of mind when setting your customers up with Vimsy


The Vimsy Champion Programme is our way of helping, supporting and giving back to the people who are recommending Vimsy to their customers and clients.

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As a member of the Vimsy Champion Programme you’ll receive a discount code¹ for 10% off any online Vimsy service, whether that’s a Vimsy Extra, Vimsy Premium or Vimsy Hosting plan. We hope this helps you when positioning Vimsy to your customers, or gives you the flexibility to earn a little on the top.

In time we also plan to offer ways for our Vimsy Champions to connect, communicate and network with each other.

We also plan to provide training and learning opportunities to help equip our Champions with the knowledge they need to position Vimsy effectively and to get the most out of our platform.²


The Vimsy Champion Programme is suitable for those who are in a position to promote the use of Vimsy to their own customers and clients. For example, video producers, marketing professionals and web designers.

When you sign up for the programme we'll send you information including a discount code that can be used with any future Vimsy purchases that your customers and clients make.

Becoming part of the programme doesn't cost anything and there are no obligations once you're part of it.³ We're doing this because we want to recognise and appreciate the people who are willing to help us by putting Vimsy in their toolkit.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Become a Vimsy Champion

Join the Vimsy Champion Programme to introduce Vimsy to your customers in exchange for discounts and other benefits. We can't wait to have you involved, champ.

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