5th June 2019

We've updated some of the wording in Vimsy to make features clearer and easier to use

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Updated 2019-06-05

5th June 2019

Our new update today addresses a number of usability issues with Vimsy features, specifically around how different sections of Vimsy are presented.

"Channel Videos" and "Collection Videos" are now "Channel Highlights" and "Collection Highlights". These sections are different to full collections and sub collections, and we hope the new names make this clearer. We've also added a handy tooltip pop-over to let you know that you're better off creating a collection or sub collection if you're trying to do something a bit more advanced with your videos.

Additionally, following our updates to the wording in the Channel Settings in our last update, we've also updated the wording in the collection, sub collection and video settings. For example, we've removed unclear instructions such as minimum pixel sizes for collection and sub collection images (ultimately it's not important) and have clarified a few other features, such as how one-time payments work.

We hope these updates make using Vimsy a more pleasant experience!

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