9th August 2019

Following our company update, third party advertisements are now present on Free Channels

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Updated 2019-08-09

9th August 2019

As we announced in our Vimsy Company Update in June, we've made the decision to start displaying third party advertisements on Free Channels to help support the cost of developing, maintaining and running Vimsy.

As of today, all Vimsy Channels without an active Vimsy Extra, Vimsy Premium or Vimsy Enterprise subscription will start displaying third party advertisements to visitors. (You'll need to use the Preview Mode function to see them yourself.)

We appreciate that this isn't necessarily a positive change for users of Vimsy who are currently on our free tier, but we hope you understand our decision. The alternative was to fully remove the free tier and force everybody into paying a monthly subscription for our service in order to keep their Channels active.

If you'd prefer for your Channel not to display advertisements, please consider upgrading to one of our paid subscription plans. You can find the details on our pricing page.

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