Advanced Warning: Planned Downtime Due

We're migrating servers, which will result in some downtime for Vimsy profile

Written by Rowan

Updated 2019-06-05

Advanced Warning: Planned Downtime Due

This is an advanced warning that we will be migrating our primary server infrastructure soon. This will result in some downtime for the Vimsy service, which will not be able to operate during the migration.

We are still confirming exact dates and times for the migration, but we can confirm that it will happen before 25th June 2019, so within the next few weeks. At this stage we estimate that the downtime will last for approximately two hours, if not less.

While we carry out the vast majority of our service updates without taking Vimsy offline, on this occasion we will be moving our core database which could result in data loss if the platform remains active during this process. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

We will provide another update as soon as we have a date, time and firmer estimate for the length of downtime we expect. During the downtime your channel will display a message informing users that the service will be back shortly. It might be sensible to communicate this with your channel members in advance.

If you have a critical requirement for service availability between now and the 25th June 2019, please let us know so that we can factor this into our plans:

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