Server migration complete

An update following our server migration today profile

Written by Rowan

Updated 2019-06-21

Server migration complete

This is a confirmation that our server migration for Vimsy has been completed successfully and service should be restored. If you are experiencing any issues related to availability of our service please contact us:

Please note that some internet service providers (such as BT, Virgin, Comcast, AT&T, to name a few) may take a little while to update their DNS records, which is the system that tells your computer how find a website. As a result you and your members might experience issues with availability for up to 24 hours.

You can get around many of these issues by using a faster DNS service, such as Google DNS, Open DNS or Cloudflare DNS – although we only suggest taking these steps if you're comfortable changing the network settings on your device, and only if you need urgent access.

Additionally, it is worth noting that this could affect channels with custom domains differently to the rest of the Vimsy platform – so you might see the Vimsy website working properly in your browser but your channel might not be available. This is normal.

Finally, as part of the server migration we have changed the primary IP address for the Vimsy platform. Due to unforeseen changes that needed to be made during the migration process this is different to the IP address that we provided earlier this week.

This is only relevant if you are currently using the "Alternative Domains" function for your channel (available with Vimsy Extra and Vimsy Premium). You will need to change the A Records for your domain to This replaces our previous IP address, You do not need to change any CNAME records related to Vimsy. (The CNAME method is what all channels use as their primary domain integrations.)

We hope this is clear and provides all of the information you need, but if you need any help please email - and please note that if you're enquiring about your domain settings please include a screenshot of the DNS settings for your domain so that we can assist more quickly. Thank you!

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