We've released a major update to the Vimsy Video player

Introducing Closed Captions for Vimsy Hosting and Wistia videos, and more

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Updated 2018-12-11

We've released a major update to the Vimsy Video player

We've released a major update to our video player today, which is powered by Plyr. This update brings new features such as playback speed control, Picture in Picture and AirPlay support for Safari on MacOS and some iOS devices, and also Closed Captions support for Vimsy Hosting and Wistia videos. This is in addition to general stability and bug fixes for the video player on Vimsy.

Unfortunately not all of Vimsy's integrated video hosting providers support all of these features due to API limitations, so we've created this table to show you what you can expect for your video hosting service of choice.


The biggest change (in our opinion) is that you can now add Closed Captions to any videos on Vimsy that are hosted through Vimsy Hosting or Wistia. If you have captions in WebVTT (.vtt) format you can now upload them within your video settings. Your viewers will then see an option on the video player to turn closed captions on or off. This is a huge boost for accessibility.

Here are the full release notes for today's update:

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