We've updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We've added some clarity to both of these documents and they are both important with regards to how you use Vimsy

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Updated 2019-01-31

We've updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

You'll be delighted to hear that we've updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. (Can you feel the sarcasm?) All joking aside, we've added some clarity to both of these documents and they are both important with regards to how you use Vimsy.

You can find our Terms of service here: https://vimsy.co/terms-of-serv...

You can find our Privacy Policy here: https://vimsy.co/privacy

Here's a quick TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) of what's changed within each one.

Terms of Service

This has effectively been rewritten, but we've kept the intention much the same. We've just tidied it up a lot. It should now be a bit more "readable" and contain more clarity on how we conduct business, and how the Vimsy service operates.

Our Content Policy is now clearer. We haven't added or removed any types of disallowed content, but we have added some new steps that are required for submitting a notification of claimed infringement which will help formalise the process.

Our Sales Policy now properly covers paid upgrades for Vimsy Channels, and we've also added a lot of clarity regarding how Vimsy's transaction fees work for Vimsy Channels with subscription content. Specifically, there is a lot of new information with regards to how transaction fees on recurring payments are deducted when the transaction fee percentage for a Vimsy Channel changes between payments. (Such as upgrading your Channel to Vimsy Extra or Premium when you have active subscribers.)

In short, the original transaction fee amount that was applied at the time of the customer signing up will be deducted throughout the lifetime of the subscription, even if the transaction fee percentage changes.

This is a technical mechanism put in place by Stripe to protect everyone involved, and while it's a little bit awkward (it reduces the immediate benefit of upgrading your channel) it means that Vimsy can't suddenly decide to start taking a 99% fee on all of your existing customer subscriptions. So fundamentally it is a good thing for Channel Owners as it protects you from bait and switch tactics, even though we'd never dream of doing this in a million years for many many reasons.

This is really important if you sell content on a subscription and if you need any help understanding this, please contact us: support@vimsy.co

Finally, we've also added a clearer refund policy which details refunds from Vimsy for our services (such as Vimsy Extra or Vimsy Premium) and also how we handle situations where a member of a Vimsy Channel might contact us to discuss content they've purchased from a channel.

Privacy Policy

This hasn't changed in any material way except for the introduction. We've removed our definition for Vimsy Limited and the Vimsy service as these are now covered in greater detail in our Terms of Service, and we've linked to our Terms of Service if clarity is needed.

Policy updates are far from exciting, but we hope that our updated policies help give you the piece of mind you need to build and grow your business on Vimsy. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our updates today please get in touch: support@vimsy.co

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