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Answers to the most common questions about Vimsy

Does Vimsy replace Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia?

No. Vimsy does not store a copy of your videos, so you will still need to be registered with a video hosting platform such as Vimeo, YouTube or Wistia in order to use Vimsy. Your videos are effectively embedded on Vimsy, except you can take advantage of all of Vimsy's great features. 

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Does Vimsy store a copy of my videos?

No. Vimsy does not store a copy of your videos. You will need to host your videos on YouTube, Vimeo and/or Wistia. Vimsy only stores images, text and any downloadable document resources that you associate with your video content through Vimsy. You can read a complete overview about the data that Vimsy stores in our Privacy Policy.



How are payments taken through Vimsy?

Payments are handled securely by Stripe, a trusted payments platform for online web applications. Stripe is fully PCI compliant and payments are secured through HTTPS encryption. Please note that we (Vimsy) will never ask you for your credit or debit card, or bank details, via phone or email. Be diligent for phishing attempts and scams.



How do people access my Vimsy Channel?

When your Vimsy channel is created you will be provided with a Vimsy channel URL. This will be in the format of ''. Vimsy also has support for custom web domains, which is a feature available with Vimsy Extra or Premium, allowing you to set up your channel with a third party domain name.

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Do you offer a self-hosted version?

No. We've seen other companies take this approach and we feel that it results in a lot of pain for both the users of the software and the software developers. Self-hosted software requires regular updates, maintenance and support.

Because Vimsy is hosted by us, you can guarantee that you're using the latest, most up to date, secure and feature-rich version of Vimsy available. If you have specific needs that need catering for please take a look at our business services.


If only Vimsy had [feature] it would be perfect...

Subject to several conditions, we may be able to offer the development of new features and layouts at commercial rates. As Vimsy is built on a robust, reliable and well tested platform, we're keen to help you take advantage of Vimsy's benefits without compromising on your requirements. 

In addition, we can also help with time consuming tasks such as data migration from existing content management systems. We charge for these services.

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