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Your brand, front, centre and always

Aside from a subtle “Powered by Vimsy” credit (which can be removed with some plans), your channel is all about your business and the videos you upload – unlike other video platforms.

What you see is what you get

There's no requirement to know code or have web development skills to get up and running. Your entire Vimsy Channel can be managed with your mouse (or finger), so get clicking!

A home for videos from across the web

In addition to uploading your videos directly to Vimsy¹, you can also add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and your Wistia account to your Vimsy Channel, giving you full video hosting flexibility.

Organise your videos into collections and sub collections Icon

Organise your videos into collections and sub collections

Create collections and sub collections to organise your videos and help your viewers find what they’re looking for.

Collections and sub collections can be given custom colours, thumbnails and other settings.

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Sell your videos Icon

Sell your videos

Connect Vimsy to your Stripe account and start selling access to your videos, collections and sub collections, or your entire Channel for a one-time fee or a recurring subscription. Transaction fees apply.²

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Restrict access to your videos Icon

Restrict access to your videos

Vimsy's Permissions features lets you control who can watch your videos by restricting access to specific members or member groups, or by requiring viewers to log in before watching videos.

You can even set a custom message that tells viewers why they need to log in before watching.

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Insights & Tracking Icon

Insights & Tracking

Vimsy's Insights feature collects data on who's been watching your videos, when they watched those videos, and how much of those videos have been watched in each session.

This data can be exported as a CSV file and used in other applications – ideal for compliance or CPD tracking.

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... and a whole bunch more!

Features - Pages icon

Custom Web Pages

Create custom pages for text-based content, such as compliance policies and legal notices

Features - Ratings icon

Get Audience Feedback

Users can rate your content and provide feedback to help you understand what's working and what isn't

Features - Search Functionality icon

Search Functionality

Every Vimsy Channel comes with a powerful search function to help your viewers find the content they're looking for

Features - Content Scheduling icon

Content Scheduling

Set your videos, collections and sub collections to automatically post or expire on a certain date

Features - Realtime Activity Alerts icon

Realtime Activity Alerts

Receive realtime alerts via email when users complete actions on your Vimsy Channel, such as purchasing content

Features - Responsive Design icon

Responsive Design

Vimsy's Channel layouts are compatible with devices of all shapes and sizes, including mobile devices

Features - SEO Optimisation icon

SEO Optimisation

Add specific SEO data to your videos, collections and your channel for better search engine presence

Features - SSL & HTTPS icon

Secure Browsing

All connections to Vimsy are secured with a 256-bit HTTPS connection, even when using a custom domain

Features - Resources icon

Upload Resources

Upload documents, such as PDF and Microsoft Office files, as complimentary downloadable resources for your videos.

Features - Custom Domain Support icon

Custom Domain Support

Vimsy supports custom domains, letting you change your Vimsy URL to something like "videos.yourdomain.com"

Features - Google Analytics icon

Google Analytics

Gather useful information about who's visiting your channel, such as demographic information and referral source​

Features - Google Adsense icon

Google Adsense

Add advertisements to your channel via Google Adsense to generate advertising revenue from your content

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