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A consistent viewing experience

Every video on every Vimsy is delivered through our video player, regardless of whether it was uploaded to Vimsy directly or added from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. This provides viewers with a consistent video viewing experience, regardless of the underlying video hosting platform.

Top Features

Up to 1080p video playback

Videos on Vimsy stream at up to 1080p quality, which users can select from the video player settings¹

Built for accessibility

In addition to standard player controls, such as volume level control, our player features adjustable playback speed controls² and support for closed captions³

Support for Safari features

Our video player supports several browser-specific features, such as Picture In Picture and AirPlay in Safari on MacOS, iPadOS and iOS devices.

Improve the video experience with Chapters and Resources Icon

Improve the video experience with Chapters and Resources

Chapters let your viewers jump between predetermined sections of your videos with ease.

Resources allow you to attach documents, such as Office files and PDFs, to your videos for viewers to download

Browser Chrome
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Use Insights to collect and export viewing data Icon

Use Insights to collect and export viewing data

Vimsy’s Insights feature lets you collect and export data about the videos that your viewers have watched, as well as when they watched those videos, and how much of the videos they watched in each session.

Vimsy shows this data to you as well as the viewer, and lets you download it in CSV format, making it ideal for compliance or CPD tracking.

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Looks familiar? Vimsy's video player is a custom implementation of Plyr