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Vimsy is a service of Southpoint Films Ltd which is a company registered in England and Wales.

Company Name: Southpoint Films Ltd
Company Number: 8705276

Registered Address:
Ground Floor,
61-65 High Street High Street,
SO40 9HL,
United Kingdom

Vimsy® is a registered trademark of Vimsy Limited.

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Company Policies

Terms of Service

This policy details the responsibilities and restrictions placed on all users of our service, as well as our commitments to our users. By using Vimsy you agree to the Terms of Service.

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Privacy Policy

This policy details the information we collect and store about users of our service, how we use this information, which other parties have access to it, and how you can remove your information from our systems.

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How to report a problem with a Vimsy Channel

For example, reporting content which violates copyright, infringes on other rights and freedoms, promotes hate speech or bullying, contains illicit or illegal content, or which appears to be intentionally misleading or inaccurate.

Please contact us via email at

We take all reports very seriously and will respond promptly with details of any actions we have taken, actions we intend to take in the future, or with further information about how we believe the issue can be resolved. We may ask you for more information to verify your complaint before taking any action.

See also, our Terms of Service.