Vimsy Free

Our cheapest pricing option that lets businesses and individuals on a tight budget use Vimsy at no direct cost but with some limitations

Create your free Channel

Our free plan allows you to create a Vimsy Channel and use all of Vimsy’s core features without ever paying a penny to Vimsy directly, but you won't be able to upload any files (except images) to Vimsy

Instead of charging you directly for using Vimsy, we’ll display advertisements on your Channel to generate revenue, which supports the maintenance and development of our platform

If you sell access to content on your free Vimsy Channel through our Stripe integration, Vimsy will take a 10% transaction fee on top of Stripe’s fees

All core features, some limitations

Vimsy Free is an ad-supported option for businesses and individuals on a tight budget, or who want to take their time learning the ropes without the pressures of a limited-time free trial rushing their experience

Bring your videos together from around the web Icon

Bring your videos together from around the web

With Vimsy’s free plan you can bring videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia together to create your channel - or you can subscribe to Vimsy Hosting and upload videos to Vimsy for $0.60 per video per month.

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Sell your videos Icon

Sell your videos

Connect Vimsy to your Stripe account and start selling access to your videos for a one-time fee or a recurring subscription.

Vimsy Free Channels are charged a 10% transaction fee from Vimsy on top of Stripe fees.

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Upgrade at any time Icon

Upgrade at any time

If you decide you want to take advantage of the features of a paid Vimsy plan, you can upgrade at any time from your Channel settings.

There’s no need to start from scratch, so you won’t lose the hard work you’ve put into your free Channel.

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Ready to go?

Create your free Vimsy Channel – all you need is in active email address

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Need help working out what's included in this Vimsy plan? Check out our Feature List for a complete list of features included in this plan

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Get help with Vimsy

Need help getting up and running with Vimsy? Take a look at our Support Channel for helpful videos on Vimsy's various features and functions

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