Video Hosting

Upload your videos directly to your Vimsy channel. No third party services required.


$0.60 per video, per month.

Channels that upgrade to Vimsy Extra or Vimsy Premium will receive an inclusive allowance for Vimsy hosting. Videos uploaded over that allowance will be charged as above after signing up for an additional, usage-based Vimsy hosting plan.

Channels that don't have a Vimsy Extra or Vimsy Premium subscription can subscribe to a dedicated Vimsy hosting plan.

Why host your videos with Vimsy?

While Vimsy supports several third party video hosting platforms, if you only plan to use your videos on Vimsy it doesn't really make sense to go through the extra steps of uploading your videos to another service before you can add them to your Vimsy channel.

If you want to sell your videos or share them with a closed user group, you'll need to lock down your videos on the host platform to make sure that people can't find them there in addition to your Vimsy channel. This isn't necessary with Vimsy hosting.

With Vimsy hosting, the only settings that need configuring are the ones on Vimsy. That's it. Vimsy hosting is our solution for a seamless, hassle-free Vimsy experience.

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