Privacy Policy

A clear and comprehensive definition of the information collected by Vimsy, how it is used and who has access to it


For information and clarity regarding Southpoint Films Ltd, the Vimsy service, and acceptable use please refer to our Terms of Service:

This privacy policy aims to outline the types of data Southpoint Films Ltd collects, how the collected data is used (processed), who else can access the data that has been collected by Southpoint Films Ltd, and how long we retain the data for.

This policy was last materially updated on the 31st January 2019, with the exception of our company information which was updated on the 9th August 2019.

For any queries about this policy please email

Please note: Each Vimsy Channel will have a separate policy provided by the Channel Owner covering how they handle the data that it collects. This document details the Privacy Policy of Southpoint Films Ltd only. Southpoint Films Ltd does not indemnify any Vimsy Channels.

First-party Data Collection and Processing

Vimsy's functionality is focussed on enhancing the online video distribution and viewing experience. Owners of a Vimsy channel can monetise their video content, restrict access of their video content to specific users or user groups, and also gain insight into who has watched their videos, when those users watched the videos, and see how long those videos were watched for. Users of Vimsy channels are referred to as "Members" and we provide a number of features to enhance the video viewing experience, such as the ability for members to purchase access to videos, to receive access to content shared with specific members, to see which videos they've previously watched (via the Watch History function) and to leave Ratings on videos.

In this section we will detail the data that is collected by the Vimsy service and how this data is accessed, processed, shared and retained by Southpoint Films Ltd.

Vimsy accounts

A Vimsy account is required to access certain features of Vimsy, such as creating a Vimsy channel, becoming an editor of a Vimsy channel, and accessing or purchasing the content of a Vimsy channel. An individual who has created a channel is referred to as a "Channel Owner". An individual who has been assigned as an editor of a channel is referred to as an "Editor". An individual who has registered for an account on a Vimsy channel but has no administrative permissions is referred to as a "Member".

The information that the Vimsy service collects about all account holders is as follows:

Please note that although passwords are stored on Vimsy, they are stored in an encrypted format. Southpoint Films Ltd cannot access them. If a user forgets their password they can reset it only. We cannot provide their password to them, or anybody else.

The information above is accessible to Southpoint Films Ltd and the owners and editors of the channels that an account is associated with. Users can see a full list of channels their account is associated with by opening the Menu in the top right corner of any Vimsy channel, then choosing "Channels" on the Account list. If this is not visible, the channel currently being viewed has the "White Label" feature turned on. Instead, users should navigate to and enter their credentials. They will be taken to a list of channels that their account is a member of.

Account information, including full names, email addresses, product usage and viewing behaviour of members can be downloaded by channel owners and editors in CSV format. They may choose to use this information in other applications or share it with other parties, which should be disclosed in each individual channel's privacy policy.

Southpoint Films Ltd does not process, download, share or distribute data about individuals who have registered to use Vimsy as a member of a channel and will only view member account details on an as-needed basis for the purposes of providing product support to members and channel owners, or for moderating usage of our service when deemed necessary. Southpoint Films Ltd will not contact members of channels (beyond what is simply part of using the service*) for any reason unless we believe that their account data or security is at risk.

(*The Vimsy service will automatically send emails to members to achieve functions such as resetting a password, activating an account, or confirming a purchase. These communications are initiated by the individual, not by Southpoint Films Ltd.)

Channel owners and editors are treated slightly differently; individuals with these types of accounts are added to our email-based marketing mailing list when they activate their account as part of creating a channel and we may choose to contact them from time to time about changes to the Vimsy service, product updates or with relevant marketing communications provided by Southpoint Films Ltd. All marketing emails sent by Southpoint Films Ltd have a clear method of opt-out via an unsubscribe form.

Our email functions are operated by SendGrid for emails sent automatically by the Vimsy service, which all members should receive in order to activate their accounts, amongst other notifications, and Mailchimp for our marketing emails, which will only be received by channel owners and editors. Full names and email addresses are handed to these services so that emails can be sent and processed by them. We receive analytics from both of these services which inform us about whether emails have been received or not, whether they have been opened, and also whether links in the emails have been clicked. This information is only visible to Southpoint Films Ltd. It is used for troubleshooting problems, providing support, and optimising future emails.

Product usage data (Actions)

The Vimsy service collects and displays information on how Vimsy channels are being used. This information, known as "Actions", includes:

This information is visible in the "Actions" log of the channel the activity took place on and is visible to the owner and editors of the channel. Activity alerts can optionally be sent to the owner of the channel in realtime via email, which is the default behaviour. "Actions" can be downloaded in full or in part in CSV format by the owners and editors of the channel.

Southpoint Films Ltd also receives similar activity alerts via email when a user creates a channel or makes a purchase for fraud prevention and content moderation purposes. We also receive a notification when a user upgrades their channel to a paid version of Vimsy or requests information about a paid upgrade. Southpoint Films Ltd can also view all actions that take place on a channel, and across the whole service, if required, to monitor and moderate activity. We do not process this information or share it with any parties beyond the owner and editors of the channel that generated the information.

First-party video analytics (Insights)

The Vimsy service collects and displays information about how videos have been viewed. This information, known as "Insights", includes:

This information is visible in the "Insights" of the channel the activity took place on and is visible to the owner and editors of the channel. "Insights" can be downloaded in full or in part in CSV format by the owners and editors of the channel. Southpoint Films Ltd can also view all insights that take place on a channel, if required, to monitor and moderate activity on our service. We do not process this information or share it with any parties beyond the owner and editors of the channel that generated the information.

Financial information

Southpoint Films Ltd uses Stripe as the payments handler for all transactions made through the Vimsy service. This includes upgrades to Vimsy channels purchased by channel owners and editors, as well as purchases of content made by members on Vimsy channels.

The Vimsy service does not store a copy of any user's card details on Vimsy, even though users may be able to see certain details related to purchases made through Stripe within the Vimsy service interface. In technical terms, Stripe provides us with a "token" which informs us whether a user has successfully purchased an item, which we use for determining whether content or features should be shown to a user or not. We store this "token" in our database alongside other information about individual users and channels.

For content moderation, fraud prevention and also product support purposes, Southpoint Films Ltd receives an alert each time a purchase is made through the Vimsy service. This includes details of what was purchased, who made the purchase, and when the purchase was made. We can also view details of purchases made through the Vimsy service, including purchases made on Vimsy channels, within Stripe's dashboard. This is a feature of Stripe Connect, which is the API we use for connecting Vimsy channels to Stripe. We are able to view the individual transactions, including customer details for those transactions. The only parties with access to this information are Southpoint Films Ltd, the channel owners and editors, and Stripe.

Stripe has their own, separate privacy policy which you should read and understand before using features powered by Stripe. Stripe are fully PCI compliant and are used widely by online web applications for payments handling. You can find link to Stripe's privacy policy below:

Data retention and opting out

If you have a Vimsy account, you can see the data Vimsy holds about you in your Member profile. You can find this in the Menu at the top right of every channel under the "Account" heading. You will be able to see information such as your name, email address, when you created your account, when you last changed your password, Member Groups that you've been added to, Vimsy channels that you are a member of or have created, purchases and subscriptions that you have made, credit or debit cards you have on file, and also your Watch History. This information is presented as-is with the exception of your Watch History, which can be downloaded in its entirety on an individual session basis in CSV format.

It is not currently possible to see your actions, such as when you logged in and logged out, within the Vimsy interface. If you would like a copy of this information please contact the owner of the channels you are a member of or contact Vimsy support at for this information in CSV format.

If you do not wish to have your activity on a Vimsy channel or any other part of the Vimsy website or service associated with you personally, you should not create an account or use the service. If you have already created an account and wish to remove all data, you must contact from the email address you registered your account with. We can delete your account on your behalf and all data associated with it.

As this information is acquired on behalf of channel owners, we retain all of this data indefinitely and only delete it on request.

Third-party Data Collection and Processing

Website visitor analytics and usage monitoring

We use Google Analytics and server analytics supplied by our hosting provider Cloudways to collect non-identifiable information about visitors to the Vimsy website and Vimsy channels. This data is only available to Southpoint Films Ltd or to channel owners if they have the Google Analytics integration set up on their channel. (Channel owners will only be able to see the relevant data for their own channel, not for Vimsy as a whole.)

Southpoint Films Ltd uses the general usage information provided by Cloudways and Google Analytics to observe the number of users visiting our domain or using our service during any given period. This allows us to monitor overall site performance and optimise our service during times of high activity.

Google Analytics provides us with technical information about our users, such as the type of devices, web browsers, operating systems, and screen resolutions used by visitors to our website and service. It can also show us how long our visitors have spent using our website and service, how long they spent on each page, which pages they navigated to during a browsing session and –potentially– which website they came from to reach our website or service, and whether they interacted with certain page elements. We use this information when making product decisions regarding future features, service compatibility, to anticipate support requirements, and to optimise our website.

Google Analytics also provides us with broad demographic information about visitors to our website and service, such as their country or city, gender, age bracket, and their interests based on their Google ads categories and browsing activity. You can control whether this sort of information is collected about you and shared with sites like ours within the settings for your Google Account, if you have one. We use this information for the same reasons as outlined above; for example, translating the Vimsy service into new languages based on the locations of our web traffic. We may also use this information for making decisions about which territories to promote, market and advertise Vimsy or associated products and services.

While Google Analytics provides us with a lot of data, none of this information is tied to a specific user in our Google Analytics dashboard, and therefore we cannot identify individuals with it. It is presented to us in aggregate. (Note: While this statement is true for how Southpoint Films Ltd collects and processes information through Google Analytics, it may not be true for individual Vimsy channels using our Google Analytics integration. Please read the respective Privacy Policy of the channel you are visiting for more information.)

It is important to note that similar amounts of non-Identifiable information are also gathered by all of the third party video platforms that channel owners use for hosting their videos; YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia. The privacy policies for these services are linked below. This data will be available to the owners of the accounts those videos are hosted with on each respective hosting platform, which may or may not include Southpoint Films Ltd (in almost all cases we will not have access to this information) or the users of Southpoint Films Ltd's products and services.

Data retention and opting out

We retain this data indefinitely for the purposes of monitoring our service and website usage over time, allowing us to create reports that compare performance across different periods. If you have a Google Account, you can control how much information Google Analytics provides websites like ours in your Google Account settings. If you use a browser that provides this feature, you can enable "Do Not Track" in your browser to limit tracking from services like Google Analytics as you browse online.

As we cannot identify an individual person from this information, we cannot modify, share or delete data related to a specific individual that has been gathered in this manner. However, you may be able to request that any data collected by Google Analytics is deleted by contacting Google directly.

Third-party video analytics

Videos viewable on the Vimsy website and Vimsy channels will be hosted on one of three platforms, YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia; Wistia either through the Channel owner's own Wistia account, or via the Wistia account operated by Southpoint Films Ltd for the purposes of hosting videos on behalf of Vimsy channels. All visitors who watch a video on the Vimsy website or on a Vimsy channel will have data collected by them at least one of these third party companies, regardless of whether they are logged in or not. You can find their respective privacy policies below.

In some cases, third-party video viewing information can be associated with individual persons in the form of IP address collection, or by associating video views with your account on the respective host platform. For example, YouTube videos viewed on a Vimsy channel might appear in your "Watch History" on YouTube and you may receive suggested videos on YouTube based on YouTube-hosted videos you watch on a Vimsy channel.

It is important to note that, outside of properties under direct control of Southpoint Films Ltd such as our website, we have no access to the third-party data collected by these services, and in some cases the users of Vimsy's service may not have access to this information either. When Southpoint Films Ltd has access to this information we use it for monitoring performance of our video content and for optimising future video content and placement on our websites and channels.

Google Adsense

We provide an optional integration with Google Adsense for Vimsy channels to use. Southpoint Films Ltd does not collect or have access to any data through this function, and Vimsy channels using this feature should have their own independent privacy policy disclaiming which information is collected. For reference, Google's Advertising terms can be found here:

Vimsy Channels

Vimsy Channels are the core "product" of Vimsy, a service provided by Southpoint Films Ltd. Anybody with a Vimsy account can create their own Vimsy channel at

Data Retention

When a piece of content (such as a video, collection, sub-collection, video or collection thumbnail, or an attached video resource) is deleted by a user within the front end user interface, the deleted content is retained at our discretion within the Vimsy database until we decide to prune the content from our system. The reason we retain this information is for support purposes to help resolve any deletions made in error. We do not view, share, modify, distribute or reactivate this content without the owner's consent.

If you no longer wish to own a channel and would prefer for it to be deleted, you can request this from and we will remove the channel on your behalf.

Content moderation

Southpoint Films Ltd regularly and routinely monitors Vimsy Channels to ensure that they are operating within our Terms of Service and several members of our team have full access to all channels on the Vimsy service via advanced administrator privileges. Monitoring of channels includes but is not limited to manually reviewing channels shortly after creation, manually reviewing channels when they take payments from members, and using analytics tools to determine when channels receive a high amount of traffic.

We also use several back-end tools related to the Vimsy service to review content uploaded to Vimsy channels to ensure that the content does not contain material that is not allowed on our service. This may include reviewing content that has been restricted to specific users in the front-end of the Vimsy channel.

Southpoint Films Ltd has access to all content stored and distributed on the Vimsy product for support, development and moderation purposes, regardless of the content's restriction settings. All other users are restricted by the privacy settings the channel owner puts in place.


Got questions about our privacy policy or how we handle data on the Vimsy website or service? You can email us for more advice and support.