Privacy Policy


Vimsy is an online video management system that allows businesses, organisations and independent video producers to monetise their video content, restrict access to their video content to specific users or user groups, and also gain insight into who has watched their videos. Therefore, Vimsy Ltd collects information about users of the Vimsy product both in non-identifiable an identifiable format. This privacy policy aims to outline how this data is used and who can access it.

Non-Identifiable Information

Non-identifiable information is data from which we cannot identify an individual. This data is collected by Vimsy Ltd through selected analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This data is collected about everybody who uses Vimsy, whether registered as a member or not, including anybody who visits the Vimsy website or a Vimsy channel. This data is only available to Vimsy Ltd, or to channel owners if they have the Google Analytics integration set up on their channel. (Channel owners will only be able to see the relevant data for their own channel, not for Vimsy as a whole.)

Typical data gathered like this would be items like the number of visitors to our domain or a Vimsy channel, the device used, web browser, and anonymous demographic information such as country, gender and age bracket of our audience. Most websites have this type of tracking enabled as it helps with future development decisions. It can usually be bypassed by using the Do Not Track function of your web browser.

Non-Identifiable information is also gathered by the third party video platforms that channel owners use for hosting their videos. The privacy policies for these is linked at the bottom of this document. This data will be available to the owners of the accounts those videos are hosted with on each respective hosting platform.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information is data that could be used to identify an individual. This data can provide information about a person and how they've used Vimsy.

The information that we collect which would allow us to identify an individual includes:

All of this information is stored on our servers and is accessible by Vimsy Ltd. Most of this information will also be available to the owners of the channels for which you are a member. (You become a member of a channel when you log in to your account via that channel.) 

Please note that although passwords are stored on Vimsy, they are stored in an encrypted manner. Not even Vimsy Ltd can access them. If you forget your password you can reset it only.

How is this information obtained and used?

IP addresses are collected when a computer or device retrieves data from a web server under Vimsy Ltd's control; our web server collects this information as part of the process of serving a user a webpage. An IP address can provide an approximation of your geographic location, such as your country or city, although it can often be incorrect. Logging this information is typical for most websites. 

For users without an account, IP address information is only accessible by Vimsy Ltd in the form of server logs and is not presently used within the product. For logged in users, your IP address will be logged against your account each time you visit the site. This is partly for support/verification purposes (to make sure your account hasn't been compromised) but may be displayed to channel owners as part of their member analytics.

Product usage and viewing behaviour information is data that shows how both registered and unregistered users operate the Vimsy product. (Unregistered user data is attributed to "Anonymous".) 

This information is primarily collected for the benefit of channel owners so that they can see who has been accessing their videos, how much of their videos has been watched and also for the purpose of monitoring activity on their channel, such as sign ups, activations, purchases, and log ins.

Channel owners will be able to see all or part of their channel's usage information and have the option to export this data from Vimsy. Vimsy Ltd can also access usage information and collects similar information about how channel owners operate the administrative functions of their channel. Usage information is shown to the user who has generated the information in some places too; for example, the "Watch History" feature.

Apart from IP addresses and usage information, all other information is given to Vimsy voluntarily by users when they create or modify their Vimsy account; when creating an account to access content or to create channel. 

When creating a Vimsy account via a channel, or an existing Vimsy account becomes a member of a channel, the user is giving personally identifiable information such as their email address to the channel owner.  Since channel owners can access and export this information when it is associated with their channel we cannot make any guarantees towards the privacy of this information; it is the user's responsibility to ensure that they do not become members of any channels that they do not trust with their information. Personal information is not shared or distributed in any other way by Vimsy Ltd except to add channel owners to our mailing list. We do not export or share any personal information related to regular users.

Financial Information

Vimsy Ltd uses Stripe as the payments handler for transactions through the Vimsy product. Stripe has their own, separate privacy policy which you should read and understand before using this feature. Stripe are fully PCI compliant and are used widely by online web applications for payments handling.

We do not keep a copy of your card details on Vimsy, even though you may be able to see certain details related to purchases via stripe within the Vimsy product.

The only information we store on Vimsy about payments is whether or not a payment has been successfully. We store this for the purposes for enabling access to the content that is on sale. Everything else, such as card numbers, are handled by our payments platform of choice, Stripe.

It is worth nothing that Vimsy Ltd is able to view, although does not store this information on the product, a log of all transactions made with Stripe through Vimsy and is able to associate each purchase with the customer who made it should it wishes.

Content & Data Retention

When a piece of content (such as a video, collection, sub-collection, video or collection thumbnail, or an attached video resource) is deleted by a user within the front end user interface, the deleted content is retained at our discretion within the Vimsy database until we decide to prune the content from our system. The reason we retain this information is for support purposes to help resolve any deletions made in error. We do not view, share, modify, distribute or reactivate this content without the owner's consent.

Likewise, we may choose at our discretion to remove content that does not comply with our Terms & Conditions. This can and will be done without prior warning or notification depending on the severity of the violation.

Vimsy Ltd has access to all content stored and distributed on the Vimsy product for support, development and moderation purposes, regardless of the content's restriction settings. All other users are restricted by the privacy settings the channel owner puts in place.

Third Party Privacy Policies

Linked are the privacy policies for the most common third party services used in conjunction with Vimsy. In most cases we have little to no access to this data, however the data will very often be visible to the respective channel owner.