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Your videos in one place, uploaded to Vimsy or brought in from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia

Sell your videos individually, as a collection, or on a recurring subscription basis (Fees apply)

Collect, view and export crucial data on viewing activity for your videos

Give your customers a little extra


As a video production agency it's far too easy to transfer the video files at the end of a project and call it a day. Why not go a little bit further? Helping your clients develop a video strategy brings you repeat business while extending the value of the work you've created. With Vimsy you can help your customers take their videos to the next level. You might be able to generate a bit of extra income too.

Stand out

Rather than simply transferring an .MP4 file at the end of the project, take your client relationship further by using Vimsy to unleash the full power of their videos so that they come back for more

Increase retention

Provide your clients with a complete solution, from production to distribution, reducing the likelihood of them switching to a different provider the next time they need a video produced

Generate income

When selling content, connect your Stripe account to your client channels and negotiate a cut of the profits generated through Vimsy to create additional revenue for your business

Go out and make magic

Your clients won't believe what you can do with Vimsy


Our team are happy to host training seminars and webinars for agencies looking to recommend Vimsy to their clients. Talk to our team for more information - we'd love to hear from you!

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